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Develop Africa is a 501c3, non-profit organization founded with the aim of facilitating meaningful and sustainable development in Africa. Our focus is on impacting and changing lives, nations and, destinies. We provide school supplies, scholarships, solar lights (so kids can study at night), mosquito nets (to keep children safe from malaria), computer/vocational training etc. We additionally provide microfinance loans, orphan care, and disaster relief. This helps them become self-sufficient and rise above the poverty line. When individuals and families are strengthened, they can contribute towards community, national and international progress.


Develop Africa's strategic mandate focuses on the following key components:


1. Transformational Education
2. Resource Development  (Human Resource)
3. Investment Training
4. Strategic Empowerment 

See Visuals:


Cameroonian children

Develop Africa is dedicated to effective approaches to address the challenges of developing nations in the area of education and resource development. Through training, scholarship, sponsorships, investment, and partnerships with non-government Organizations Develop Africa is committed to developing Africa’s human resources by uplifting its vulnerable poor. We focus on the promotion of transformational education, resource development, investment and vocational training and strategic empowerment. Our premise is based on the notion that in order to change one’s personal, national or organizational status there must necessarily be a change in the thinking and processing pattern of the mind.

At Develop Africa we measure our success by the success of those we strive to serve. Because of our efforts, we have enjoyed seeing children stay in school and graduate, adults cultivate marketable employment skills, families maintain good health, and new business owners celebrate financial success and independence. These are lasting changes that are desperately needed throughout Africa. We’re successful with these positive changes because we understand what it takes to truly be a developing force in Africa.

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